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Construction is expensive. And every little delay, error or revision slows down the construction process and increases your costs. Bottom line, your future restaurant profits start with good construction planning and management. Avoiding delays and mistakes saves not only time, but actual out-of-pocket costs.

M2 Development Services is a unique company offering years of restaurant development expertise to help you increase your speed to market while maximizing your return on investment. We do this by providing the following services:

Permit Coordination
With years of experience obtaining building permits nationwide, M2 provides critical management systems and personnel to assure all permits are received to achieve a successful start date...[More]

Construction Management
From preliminary construction-site investigations and construction budget development to final inspection and obtaining the Certificate of Occupancy, M2 will help you every step of the way...[More]

Purchasing Coordination
M2's purchasing coordination services help new restaurant owners achieve competitive pricing of building materials by managing the supplier qualifying process, bidding process and the issuance of purchase orders for owner-supplied vendors and material suppliers...[More]

Have an upcoming project? Contact M2 today for help with permit coordination, construction management, vendor managment or purchasing coordination.

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